The public health project Heads or Tails NYC seeks freelance content developers to create new “episodes” of an online, interactive graphic novel. A rough cut of a sample episode is available here:

Each episode lasts approximately 5 minutes. Episodes are created by layering original artwork, audio files, sound effects files, and music within Articulate Storyline, with images, animations and speech bubbles queued to the audio. Unlike traditional e-learning content built in Storyline, there are no quizzes and very limited branching/choicepoints, making each episode fairly straightforward to build. Sample files can be provided with previous content, but freelancers are also welcome to build each episode in the way that makes the most sense to them (e.g. one long scene with everything in the timeline, vs. multiple scenes linked together).

However, due to funding requirements, this project is on a very tight schedule and preference will be given to freelancers who will be able to create draft episodes on a quick turnaround after being provided with artwork and audio files, and then quickly edit and update as needed to finalize the content following review.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the project. Interested applicants can submit their resume and/or portfolio and hourly rate to Christel Hyden: